3 Roots Studio

3 roots Studio provides innovators and change-makers with the strategy, design, visual storytelling and media platform they need, in order to widen the reach and lead society towards a more sustainable future.

The founders of 3 roots studio are committed to changing mind-sets and making our world a better place to live. Their “sweet spot” is the complex relationship between human social behaviour and our impact on climate, nature and the environment.

An important aspect of 3 roots Studio’s focus on sustainability includes its social aspect, as such they are very involved in promoting initiatives that actively contribute to a greener and more inclusive world.

Life Terra is pleased to collaborate with 3 roots Studio not only for obtaining great video material but also with their help to connect us to land owners in different parts of Europe with interest in trees and all kind of other innovators and accelerators from their network.

Link to website: http://www.3roots-studio.com/