Crowther Institute

The Crowther Lab at ETH Zürich is an interdisciplinary scientific research group which aims to generate a better understanding of global ecology in order to inform and address biodiversity loss and climate change. In 2019 it published the famous “‘Global Tree Restoration Potential” paper to help balance CO2 emissions and halt the negative effects of climate tree. The Crowther Lab’s media attention has helped speed up global reforestation projects.

The Crowther Lab is partnering with Life Terra to further develop their Restor platform that will give ecological insights at planting site level, to show current and potential tree cover, which species of flora could exist, and how much potential carbon could be stored.

This will help Life Terra achieve its principal objective to “plant the right tree in the right place”. All monitoring data from Life Terra’s plantings will be shared with the Restor platform to help improve sustainable forestry across Europe.

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