Comité Internacional del Corredor Biológico Mundial

The Corridor Biológico Mundial aims to create a space for meetings, synergies, alliances, ideas, and projects from different parts of the planet that can develop significant advances in the extension of a Corridor Biológico Mundial (Global Biological Corridor).

All the members of the international committee are people or national and international institutions linked to the defense, study, and research of the environment, biodiversity, nature, oceans, as well as the study and knowledge of the following subjects: history and evolution of species, habitats, climate, whether through meteorology or data reflected in the geological heritage.

Como Life Terra, nos hemos adherido a este Comité Internacional del Corredor Biológico Mundial y a su iniciativa que ayudará a tener un futuro mejor para las próximas generaciones protegiendo el medio ambiente y su biodiversidad.

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