Preparatory actions will set up & organize the infrastructure necessary for the concept demonstration & scale-up. A.1 will activate European technology for the online platform & monitoring systems. A.2 will ensure that the human capital necessary for the project’s success is in place. A.3 will prepare the necessary logistics for citizen planting activities. A.4 will develop a STEM based lesson plan to prepare future generations for a world impacted by CC.

Implementation actions are divided into 7 parts: C.1 will build & optimize the platform that connects project activities. C.2 will engage & support European volunteers to become Terra Leaders. C.3 will demonstrate the platform’s functionalities at citizen planting events. C.4 will implement a STEM lesson plan in European schools & provide opportunities for youth to engage in the solution to CC. C.5 will demonstrate the platform’s functionalities at professional tree plantations, trialing new cultivation, planting & tagging tech, validated through Life Cycle Assessment. C.6 will secure the funding necessary to allow fast scaling and future market uptake. C.7 will replicate all aspects of the project’s implementation across Europe thanks to a progressive and focused roll-out.

Monitoring of the project’s progress will be measured against the expected results: D.1 will develop the monitoring systems (GNSS & satellite imagery) and analysis software, ensuring that project impact and outputs contribute to the KPIs. D.2 will compile information into a conclusions & recommendation report including a socio-economic assessment & policy recommendation for more sustainable EU legislation. D.3 will prepare key partners for global roll out.

E.1 & E.2 will focus on Communication and Dissemination of project results while E.3 is dedicated to awareness raising as a Call to Action for Europeans against CC. Strategic communication & campaign plans will be developed in conjunction with targeted press activities managed by professional communication companies that have access to millions of readers across Europe. Specialized social media, PR & technical dissemination will promote the transfer of knowledge & engage stakeholders for cooperation.

F.1 will deal with project management & administration, ensuring full cooperation amongst partners, avouching tasks are completed & communicated to the EU. This action will manage all co-financing (LIFE, donations) and distribute it to the partners in a regulated manner.