Valley with trees

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Involvement is key to our success. If we want to speed up the pace of climate action, we need your help. Our philosophy is that engaging society with nature can lead to massive transformation, ecologically and socially! There are different ways to contribute to Life Terra. 

Become a planting partner

Is your organization already planting trees? We are interested in partnering to accelerate tree plantings in as many places as possible. We can offer you our state-of-the-art monitoring technology to engage your clients and volunteers. We will use a separate record to prevent double counting. Contact us to discuss a possible collaboration!

Planting partner

Offer Land

Do you want to plant trees or realize large-scale plantings on your land, but lack the expertise or resources? Offer your land for our planting events! We will facilitate the planting of the trees without any costs for you as a landowner. You will be involved throughout the whole process of planting design and planning.

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Join our Education Program

Life Terra has created an interactive environmental education programme for students ages 8-14 based on STEM and the best available science, called Terra Mission. Make your students become climate experts!

Education program

Become a Terra Leader

Volunteers are valuable members of Life Terra. That’s why we call them Terra Leaders. As a Terra Leader you are leading planting events and sharing knowledge with your community.

Join in!

Let's adopt 10,000 trees together!

Do you want to help us to continue with our mission? Today is a good day to start! We have an open fundraising to help finance a local nature restoration project in Spain. Would you like to know more and take part?