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Life Terra and Scientix are proud to announce the launch of the ‘Terra Mission MOOC: Teaching Sustainability for Action’! By joining this online course, starting on 10 January, primary and secondary teachers will have the opportunity to raise environmental awareness in their schools and beyond! Participants not only will explore the Terra Mission Educational Pack but also learn about outdoor experiences and practical assignments. Register now!

Terra Mission MOOC

Education is our most valuable investment. Life Terra has developed in collaboration with education experts different strategies to raise environmental awareness among all ages, with a focus on children and youth. 

Life Terra created an interactive environmental education programme for students ages 8-14 based on STEM and the best available science.

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Terra Mission

An opportunity for teachers across Europe & around the world!

Terra Mission is Life Terra’s sustainability educational package developed by Gynzy, one of our project beneficiaries. This package consists of 8 themes, an introduction and a closure lesson. It can be taken partially, as all themes are independent but interlinked. Using inspiring sources and examples, Terra Mission challenges teachers to enter into an exchange with their students. Then students are asked to investigate themselves, both inside and outside of school: what is the situation like in my surroundings? What can I do?

The educational package can easily be integrated into most European curricula and courses at school. They have increasing difficulty levels: from issues close at hand (in and around the school) to issues looking at the bigger picture (nationwide versus global).

Terra Mission is for now available in English and Dutch. More languages will be available by February 2022: German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.


  1. Climate change

  2. Energy transition

  3. Waste

  4. Circular economy

  5. Water

  6. Agriculture

  7. Air

  8. Trees

What does Terra Mission include?

In order to deliver the course into the classroom, Terra Mission includes:

  • Gynzy’s platform: themes on the interactive digital whiteboard (IWB) with information, exercises, and video materials

  • Teacher guides with learning goals and instructions on how to implement each theme

  • Worksheets and answer keys for the assignments provided in each theme 

  • Suggested outdoor activities

  • Extra exercises, films, and games

  • A problem-solving approach based on Problem – Solution – Action

  • All contents fully customisable and revised by experts from the University of Barcelona

  • Terra Mission Diploma for participating schools at the end

How to join?

If you want your students to learn about sustainability and the environment, and to start taking climate action now, join the Terra Mission journey with us.

Join Terra Mission

Terra mission was developed with the collaboration of:

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