Valley with trees

Universitat de Barcelona

The research activity of UB group covers expertise on forest ecology and management, aquatic-terrestrial ecological interactions and biogeochemical processes. Areas: plant ecophysiology, soil processes and, integrating at ecosystem level, biogeochemical cycles through experimental and modeling approaches, studying carbon, water and nutrients interactions. Furthermore, the group’s expertise covers the evaluation of disturbances impacts and ecosystem restoration, aiming at adaptive management strategies to facilitate environmental solutions and ecosystem restoration actions.

The group also has expertise on root and plant traits assessment. It has developed and applied process-based models to evaluate carbon, nutrient and water balances (e.g. GOTILWA+). This group has field and lab equipment such as automatic samplers, auto-analysers for chemical analysis, and field instrumentation for water and soil quality. The group has facilities from the UB to use highly specialized equipment for chemical analysis from Scientific and Technological Centres (CCiT-UB).

In addition, the group members are between the leading professors that promote the master’s degree in Ecology, Environmental Management and Restoration at UB since 2008. Every year, they advise different research projects for students on restoration and management in forestry issues and in river and terrestrial ecosystems.

UB participates in the Life Terra project overseeing data gathering and analysis, biochar trials, and the ecological impact of new plantings on soil and forests. 

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