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Do you want to take impactful climate action with your company?

Life Terra can help you make sustainability concrete and tangible for your organisation. Start today!

Employee Tree Gift

Would you like to surprise your employees or network with a climate-friendly gift? This is your chance! Gift each one of your employees a Life Terra tree, the gift that keeps on growing!

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Tree Pledge 

A fun way to engage your stakeholders (employees, clients, etc.) in climate action. Life Terra will provide a digital infrastructure where pledgers can adopt trees and “compete” with one another. Who will pledge more trees?

Tree Pledge

Team building activity

Do you want to engage your employees or clients while contributing to a positive impact on the planet? Make one of Life Terra’s planting events your unique company event. Go green with your team!

Sustainable Team Building

Green Your Company Event

We offer the option to compensate for the carbon emissions caused by an event/travel etc. You can also give your event a green touch by gifting a tree to the participants!

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Become a planting partner

Is your organization already planting trees? We are interested in partnering to accelerate tree plantings in as many places as possible. We can offer you our state-of-the-art monitoring technology to engage your clients and volunteers. We will use a separate record to prevent double counting. Contact us to discuss a possible collaboration!

Planting partner

Adopt/Gift Trees

Adopting a tree is the most effective climate change solution available. Whether you are an individual or a company, you can adopt trees via our web app or gift them to your colleagues, friends, or family. Start today! If you want to donate more than 25 trees, you can reach out directly at

Adopt trees

"Tackling climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face. Everyone has a responsibility in this, no one can solve it alone. That is why cooperation for regenerating nature is so important - let's plant together!"
EY / Claudy te Boome, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability leader
"We consider planting trees to be a very simple and easy way to immediately contribute. With Life Terra, we are able to get things like this done faster."
Mach3Builders / Wouter Onis, CEO
"Oh yes, the fun we all had investing in the future for coming generations, communicating in english with a bunch of highly motivated 10 year olds! For me and my colleagues visiting from Sweden it was truly a fantastic experience. Highly recommendable to other companies/organisations, you will not regret it!"
Prototyp / Pontus Österberg, Co-founder