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Client Relationship Teambuilding

Are you looking for an engaging activity for your clients to strengthen your relationship? Partner up with Life Terra and organise a truly engaging, fun, outdoor activity for your relations that has a positive impact on the planet!

Why this matters

  • Six out of ten consumers have more trust in brands that contribute positively to society (Monitor MarketResponse 2020)

  • HBR shared a study that showed that employee loyalty was 38% higher in companies that implement sustainability efforts

  • Spending time in nature is associated with better (mental) health

  • Tree planting is one of the most effective ways to offset part of your company's carbon footprint

Excited to start team-building activities right away? 

Client Relationship Teambuilding

How it works

  • We take care of securing a planting site or work on a site provided by your company. Ideally, close to the working environment of your clients

  • We provide the trees and logistics of getting the trees on site, as well as the tools necessary to plant the trees

  • A professional planter of Life Terra will explain to your team about how to properly plant a tree

  • Your client will get their hands dirty. They will spend time outside with their colleagues while making a meaningful contribution to ecosystem restoration

  • Your company will gain access to a personalised dashboard in the future where you can track the trees planted

  • Each one of your clients will also obtain a personalised dashboard to track the trees they planted themselves

  • We scale the event towards the needs of your company (up to 50 people per event)

Why tree planting with Life Terra?

  • The right tree in the right place: our skilled planters know which trees are suitable for the planting site. We don’t just plant trees, we grow forests and restore Earth!

  • You will be part of one of the most ambitious plans to reforest Europe and restore our connection with nature

  • Trees will be monitored via our unique tracking system

  • The event will be mentioned with pictures and references on our website and social media channels, giving your action European reach and media attention

  • Optional: we can provide a local professional photographer/videographer to document the unique experience

  • Life Terra is an ANBI-certified foundation registered in the Netherlands, your donation is tax-deductible

Client Relationship Teambuilding

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