Valley with trees

Avans Hogeschool

Avans Hogeschool is a network of Dutch higher education institutions. It hosts 33.000 students and counts with 2.800 employees. They teach a wide variety of subjects at 4 locations in the province of Brabant (Breda, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Roosendaal and Tilburg). Sustainability is a priority for Avans and several school initiatives are aiming at improving the footprint of the institution and its students with the overall objective to become carbon neutral as soon as possible.

As part of that ambition, Avans is piloting with Life Terra to plant trees in student planting events. Hopefully we will reach the objective of planting one tree for each student that graduates. This is of course highly symbolic: the tree will start to grow, just like their graduates in their new careers. The ultimate goal would be to grow multiple “Avans forests” of 4,000 trees in Brabant. Students may come to an Avans planting event, or receive a certificate with a unique GPS location of their tree.

We wanted to give our fellow students a sense of awareness, and also something that is really lasting. So we went for a tree: the graduation tree.

Lisa Heyman - Green Office at Avans Hogeschool

"Life Terra has advised us on biodiversity, what trees and where to plant them and how to tackle this huge challenge"

Sarah Wilton - Executive Board Member Avans University

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