Valley with trees


Established in 2003, Quadpack is an international manufacturer and provider of enhanced packaging solutions for beauty brand owners and contract fillers. With its HQ in Barcelona/Spain, it has offices and production facilities across Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific region, and a strategic network of manufacturing partners.

Quadpack is very active in sustainability measures, trying to avoid waste and creating more circular packaging solutions. The company already compensating for its carbon offset and paper pulp use with the planting of trees. However, they were interested in also giving their employees the opportunity to participate in tree planting events in order to create more awareness and get them involved in local climate action. We're happy to partner with Quadpack in realising several tree planting projects across Europe.


“We use around 10,000 trees a year to produce wooden caps, sourced from sustainably-managed forests. As a business, we understand that we have to start giving back to safeguard our planet. These 2,200 trees are another way for us to give back a little more.”

Tim Eaves, CEO Quadpack Group

"We had a Quadpacker who needed help. At Quadpack, our purpose is ‘taking care and giving back’. This was an opportunity for us to take care of one of our own and give back to the environment. We are grateful to Life Terra, for helping us make a positive impact, on team spirit, on solidarity and on the planet.”

Hulya Gray, Sustainability Champion, Quadpack

Life Terra planting events

Check Quadpack's tree Dashboard here: