Carbon Removal Credits

Is your company looking to offset their emissions? As part of our nature-based solutions, Life Terra offers carbon removal credits to help your company reach CO2 neutrality and other sustainability goals. 

Through our reforestation efforts in Europe, we actively contribute to reducing the carbon dioxide levels of the atmosphere to provide a better tomorrow for future generations. Join us in our mission!

What is carbon removal?

Carbon removal is the process of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and locking it away for decades, centuries or millennia. 

Although carbon removal can’t be a substitute for cutting down greenhouse emissions, it can help to slow, limit, or even reverse climate change. 

Life Terra is involved in carbon credits that remove CO2 thanks to our large professional tree-planting projects in more than 20 European countries involving the local community in climate action. All our reforestation projects are monitored to ensure transparency in the trees' growth and survival rates.

What is our added value?

  • Reforestation and restoration of degraded land: Life Terra's carbon removal credits come from our reforestation efforts in Europe. We plant a mix of native tree species supporting natural regeneration and fostering ecosystem restoration.

  • Support rural development: we split the benefits with the local landowner who owns the planting site promoting the development of rural communities and the maintenance of plantations in the long-term.

  • Social aspect: we involve local citizens, municipalities and schools in our tree-planting events raising awareness of the importance of taking impactful and tangible climate action.

  • Transparency: we plant in Europe where reporting protocols are stricter and planting sites can be visited often to monitor. We have developed an online platform where we register all the trees planted and offer information on location, species and CO2 estimation.

Check all our carbon removal credit projects here:

Carbon removal credits

How does it work?

To ensure that our reforestation efforts contribute to carbon capture, we use the ASES On-Chain Protocol from Nat5. 

The procedure to verify a project and obtain the carbon removal credits includes a prior ASES auditory of the planting project, a monitoring field visit, and a post auditory from a third party to ensure the veracity of data. 

This process ensures traceability and transparency, thanks to the block-chain protocols, which also shorten the processing time.

We are also working to develop our certification with Waldklima Standard. More news will follow soon.

What are the benefits for your company?

  • Environmental Impact: your company will help to support high-quality nature restoration projects in Europe. Our philosophy is “the right tree in the right place at the right time”, for more effective land restoration and greater ecosystem resilience.

  • Social Responsibility: offsetting emissions reflects directly into your company's commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. This can help enhance your company’s reputation and brand image.

  • Regulatory Compliance: carbon credits can help your company comply with emissions reduction targets and regulations.

  • Contribute to the SDGs: by offsetting your carbon footprint your company will actively contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

How do we estimate carbon capture in our plantings?

Given the diversity and geographical scale of Life Terra plantings, we designed a procedure based on estimating biomass at age 40 years that considers:

  • Country of planting

  • Total biomass at tree level

  • Groups of species

  • Upscaling from tree level to stand level

  • Mortality rates

We use locally available biomass equations and sampling programs such as sample-based national forest inventories to reduce statistical errors. You can learn more here

If you are interested in our carbon removal credits and would like to know more, reach out at or check all our available projects here:

Carbon removal credits