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Life Terra seeks to bring people together to plant trees, harnessing and monitoring nature’s own carbon capture mechanism and enabling citizens to take urgent action against the climate crisis.

We want to empower other initiatives planting trees around the world, helping them to be more transparent and achieve their objectives.

Join us and get all your trees geolocalised and monitored (coming soon)!

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  • You will be featured in our partner's page

  • Get access to Life Terra's tagging tool and register all the trees you plant. You will have permanent access and be able to track them

  • Allow all your volunteers to tag all trees planted in your plantings. They will be able to follow their trees in Life Terra's platform


  • Receive a Dashboard containing all your trees

  • Be transparent with your stakeholders about all your plantings

  • Embed a live tree counter in your website

Showcase Events

  • One Event page for every planting

    • Showcase the story behind every planting, who collaborated with, the species planted and much more

Coming up

By being part of Life Terra you will have access to all our platform's new developments automatically.

Check out below what we are developing for all our planting partners.

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