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Gynzy is an Internet Education company that was established in 2009. Their offices are in Den Bosch (The Netherlands) and New York (USA) where they have more than 100 education professionals working together to build a fantastic and impactful company.

Why Internet Education? They are convinced that the way children learn and teachers teach will continue to change dramatically driven by internet technologies. They also believe that this transformation can only be successful if teachers are given a central role in this process. It’s essential they embrace the new Internet technology, yet this will only happen if they introduce solutions that will genuinely help them each and every day in the classroom.

Gynzy alignes courses with the common curricula and learning methods and have a focus on STEM principles in an effort to increase student achievement in ELA and Math.

Better together is their mantra. As a teacher, you spend time in the classroom all day and you know what could help you the best. By listening carefully to your needs and translating these into solutions, Gynzy is continuously developing our product. They know that it can be tricky and time consuming to get to know the ins and outs of the interactive whiteboard. By making it easier to use smartboards, Gynzy helps teachers to get the most out of them.

Gynzy is one of the education associates of Life Terra and will help to create a STEM-based sustainability course and host it on its interactive learning platform. 

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