Aeris Futuro

For almost 20 years now Fundacja Aeris Futuro has been working throughout
Poland to protect both natural and cultural heritage, support sustainable
development of local communities and promote responsible business. Over the
years they have been expanding their impact on local nature and culture
by all kinds of activities: educating children, conducting workshops, ecological
consultation, providing sustainable catering, organising cultural festivals and, of
course, planting trees.

Over the past few years, Aeris Futuro has planted more than 1.5 million trees
with its “Czas na Las” (Time for the Forest) campaign. These trees have been
planted at more than 30 different locations, using as many local species of trees
as possible. In spring 2024 Life Terra and Aeris Futuro have partnered on their
first reforestation project and we are looking forward to plant more trees
together in future!

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