AQ Living offers a wide range of home and garden items. You will find furniture, various garden items and various animal enclosures with us. But also, for example, products for babies and children or lighting and heating. Environmentally friendly entrepreneurship is an important pillar within our company. For example, we only work with carriers who have a first time right delivery of at least 98% and you will hardly ever receive a box that is too large for a smaller product, which prevents the transport of empty air. We operate from a self-built, completely energy-neutral office and warehouse. We also strive to throw away as few returns as possible. For example, returns with traces of use are resold at a discount as 2nd chance products on the websites and slightly damaged models are sold via the marketplace at a huge discount.

AQ-Living has planted 2,000 trees in 2022 in the community of 's-Hertogensbosch, The Netherlands, and has also adopted 2,000 trees in Den Bosch in 2024.

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