Valley with trees

Associação Naturaleza y Hombre

The Associação Naturaleza y Hombre Portugal (ANYH), is a non-profit organization with the mission of promote nature conservation, rural development and biodiversity through technical and scientifically based management of human activities and ecosystems; promote environmental education and promote nature sustainable tourism.

The pursue of the organization’s mission is based on:

  • a) land and property management activities, particularly in areas acquired specifically for this purpose.

  • b) technical and scientific activities;

  • c) environmental communication, including own activities.

  • d) boost participation of public and private companies, NGOs and other institutions relevant to the mission.

  • e) promote coordination with other international institutions pursuing  the same objectives;

  • f) promote and organize courses, conferences, studies and research projects.

In line with cooperation with other organizations with similar missions,  ANYH represents  FNYH– Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre in Portugal.

Associação Naturaleza y Hombre Portugal contributes to Life Terra as an implementation associate responsible for the citizen and professional plantings in Portugal. 

Link to website:  (website under construction)