Valley with trees


BioINNOVA is an NGO dedicated to environmental education and biodiversity conservation in the region of Extremadura, Spain. The association was created in 2019 with the purpose of contributing to the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources at the local, national and international levels. Be a reference in the training and provision of professional services related to the environment. Finally the last but not least objective is to promote, participate, stimulate and intervene in environmental initiatives to foster sustainable lifestyles.

Life Terra collaborated with BioINNOVA during the planting season 2023-2024 to boost their project called “Islands of Biodiversity”. This project is focused on creating a network of private farms that become biodiversity hotspots. BioINNOVA is pursuing their goal following different restoration strategies: 

  • Create low-maintenance landscaping with native species that are food for local fauna

  • Create ecological corridors that connect various spaces and restore vegetation in channels and streams

  • Eliminate invasive species such as reeds (Arundo donax) or mimosa (Acacia dealbata), among others.

  • Build shelters for mammals, birds and insects.

  • Increase water and humidity through artificial ponds.

  • Planting Mediterranean forest species.

Life Terra contributed to this initiative by providing trees and protectors as well as our tagging tool to geolocalise all the trees planted. In the first year of our collaboration (2023-2024), more than 1,000 trees and shrubs were planted. Thanks to the efforts of their motivated volunteers and some external support, BioINNOVA is slowly transforming landscapes into a network of biodiversity hotspots which foster ecosystem resilience and ecological connectivity locally.

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