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300 trees planted in collaboration with ING Belgium

On Monday December 11th ING Belgium and Life Terra partnered up to plant 300 of the 1000 trees they have donated near Antwerp, Belgium. We were able to plant over 30 different tree species to create a biodiverse and fruitful food forest. Despite the muddy and rainy circumstances, the ING crew made a tremendous contribution to such a beautiful project!

This project was made possible by our partner Commensalist, who are experts in creating such great projects. Their founder Louis de Jaeger is also working on a documentary showing these ecologically and economically sustainable project worldwide called ‘Eat More Trees’. If you want to learn more about agroforestry projects around the world, keep an eye out for this documentary coming in 2024.

We want to thank ING for their contribution to the food forest and Commensalist for their expertise in planning the project. We are looking forward to supporting more of these amazing projects in future!

Let’s plant together!