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A Collaborative Planting with Autel

Our inaugural planting venture with Autel proved to be a resounding success! Bringing together various contacts from their extensive network, the company demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by spearheading a collective effort to take meaningful action. Our chosen site, Marienwaerdt, provided the backdrop for our restoration endeavours, focusing on a plot ravaged by Ash Dieback.

Implementing a strategic approach, we introduced a diverse array of new species to the area, aiming to mitigate the risk of future pest infestations. Autel's enthusiasm for the project proved infectious, as they rallied their associates who eagerly joined in the tree-planting initiative. Even the Autel support team, despite the challenging conditions of the heavy clay soil, displayed commendable dedication.

Away from the offices, the planting event fostered valuable opportunities for interpersonal connections and team bonding. With this successful launch under our belt, we're eager to explore similar collaborative projects in the future, furthering our commitment to environmental stewardship.