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A day of inclusivity at Asseiceira Leisure Park

On January 25th, a wonderful event took place at the Asseiceira Leisure Park in Benavente, with the Municipality serving as a crucial partner for Life Terra. The gathering brought together the CRIB, consisting of thirteen participants, and the incredible teachers supporting them. UBUNTU joined in with twelve inspiring young individuals, reminding us that solidarity among people is the most enriching path for personal growth. Additionally, twelve boys and girls from E2OS (Samora Correia Second Chance School) continued their journey of rescuing young minds for education and furthering their academic pursuits.

As the event concluded, we came together, and Teacher Carla Couceiro from E2OS (Samora Correia Second Chance School) invited everyone to share their experience with a single word. Their responses included "well-being, significance, learning, connection with nature, enjoyable moments, gratitude, and trees". It was truly heartening to hear their perspectives.

All 54 participants worked together diligently to plant and irrigate 25 trees and shrubs native to riparian habitats along water lines, thereby enhancing the environmental quality of Asseiceira Leisure Park. Importantly, everyone pledged to return in the coming months and years to nurture the trees they had planted. It was a collective commitment that resonated with the spirit of unity and care for our shared environment.