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a new Miyawaki forest in Nice!

Last week we conducted a site visit to the old plot in Nice that was planted with the involvement of local schools and the municipality. Following this, we proceeded to monitor and tidy up the first Miyawaki plot at Parc Victoria, which had already been cleaned by the municipality and nearby residents.

So, on the first day we centered our efforts on monitoring. We observed that the majority of the plants had survived, with those in well-lit areas exhibiting more growth than those in shaded spots. Some mortality was noted, likely caused by intentional or unintentional disturbances from pedestrians and dogs passing through the area.Our team, including ASES , conducted a thorough screening of the plot using aerial drone photos. The drone made multiple passes over the plot, capturing measurements and collecting data. Additionally, we measured the height and assessed the vigor of the plants. Notably, half of them displayed robust growth, with the tallest plant reaching an impressive 2 meters and 10 centimeters.

On the second day, thanks to the cooperation of the municipality, the mayor and local citizens with schools and families participated in the planting of the new plot in the Bvd Montreal e Bvd Napoleon III gardens, greening the city and creating a dense miyawaki forest that will contribute to the development of biodiversity and carbon sequestration as well as provide shade, coolness and shelter.

We are pleased with the overall results and are considering increasing the plant density per square meter for future Miyawaki projects. Our commitment to creating biodiverse urban green spaces remains unwavering, and we look forward to continued success in our endeavors.