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A small forest as a wedding gift

Ariadna and Oriol got married in a small village in Lleida, Catalonia in September 2022. For their wedding, they wanted to gift to all the attendees something different, something meaningful that people would remember. And this is when the idea came up: a small forest.

They decided to adopt one tree for each attendee, and all those 92 trees would become "Ariadna and Oriol's small forest" present.

We didn't want to gift the usual small present that most people end up throwing away. We wanted to gift a present that would last, even more than our lifetime, and help the Earth too; and this is when we thought of a tree.

On the day of the wedding, a small card was waiting on each attendee's plate with a QR code where people could retrieve their own tree and see it on the Life Terra platform. As well as a link to the small forest dashboard, where people could see where all the trees are planted.

As Ariadna and Oriol are living in Lleida at the moment, but most of their family and friends live in Barcelona and Puigcerdà, we decided to find a location in between, in the centre of Catalonia, Bellprat, to make it easier for everyone to visit their new small forest: