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A wheat field going to forest

Partnering with Life Terra, in January RegenCampos added 1,335 trees and shrubs across this evolving Mallorquín ecosystem. 6,000 trees and shrubs in 2 years.

The wheat field is becoming a diverse forest with many different actors above and below ground. We planted hardy pioneer species such as Italian and Aleppo pines, poplar, ash, hackberry, casuarina and albizia, etc. They grow fast and provide shade, wind protection, drought tolerance and nutritive soil biomass to the upcoming saplings of slower-growing species. Planted in the same communities, post-pioneer varieties include oak, juniper, tamarisk and strawberry tree, to mention a few.

A forest has to be diverse to evolve rapidly and be resilient. Starting on barren ground, our tree, shrubs and cover crop colonizers are preparing the soil for more demanding species to come. We are using powerful natural succession processes to provide a solid base for this forest’s miraculous evolution.