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Adyen volunteers plant Miyawaki forest in Berlin

On the last day of March the Berlin Adyen team participated in a volunteering activity for World Tree Day 2023.

The day has been celebrated by Adyen with events across the Netherlands, the UK, Spain and last but not least Germany. Here, we planted in the south of Berlin where a small plot of meadowland is now going to turn into a Miyawaki forest! 12 Adyen volunteers came out to sunny weather and kept their high motivation up, not minding the occasional rain, and in total more than 500 tree saplings and shrubs were planted across the plot. With 20 species it was an extra challenge to know, distinguish and tag the young plants. To give them an extra boost, we dunked the soil around the roots into a mixture that the landowner called “magic potion” - mycorrhiza with molasses for a mycorrhizal fungal network that facilitates inter-tree communication and healthy growth. The group also enjoyed learning about the background of our event location - the land of Wilmars Gaerten - and their regenerative agriculture practices, agroforestry systems and holistic vision for how to manage land sustainably in the dry and sandy region of Brandenburg.

Thank you to the host, the overall contribution of Adyen and the incredible group of planters from the Berlin office for making this a fun and meaningful collaboration that we would be very happy to continue!