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Alianza Wichi & Life Terra support the regeneration of nature in the Great South American Chaco

Life Terra plants primarily in Europe. But when we were presented with the opportunity to support Argentina's Wichi communities, we didn’t hesitate. They have lived for thousands of years in the Great Chaco, a vast and ecologically significant region spanning Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil, which faces a critical environmental crisis characterised by alarming deforestation rates. The encroachment of agricultural and livestock activities and climate change impacts pose imminent threats, demanding urgent intervention.

Today members of the Weenhayek Community planted trees to restore a severely degraded area. They are also called "Quebracho" as a symbol of the last tree of that species standing in the community territory. It was the first time indigenous families received payment for a reforestation action with in-house tree production and we’re proud to have started our collaboration!