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Amsterdam students plant 811 trees in Den Bosch

On a grey day, the MYP1 students of the Amsterdam International Community school came to plant all their pledged trees in light of their IB service project in Den Bosch.

As part of their project, the students received a guest lecture from Life Terra to kick-off their project. In the guest lecture their learned all about trees and their importance and also got the opportunity to ask their questions. After this lecture the pledge was launched: the students had to get as many trees adopted as possible.
The students managed to get 811 trees pledged, which was very impressive! 3 weeks after the pledge the students got to plant all the trees they pledged during a day in the field. Apart from planting trees, the students also learned about soil critters and their importance. They spend an hour trying to find as many critters as possible.

Despite the slight drizzle, the students were very enthusiastic and put a lot of effort into the day! Hopefully, we can monitor the trees in the future to see how they are doing!