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Boodaville Pilot Project

Life Terra is happy to collaborate with the Boodaville association which shares our passion for education and ecosystem restoration.

They received over 100 trees and the planting activity was a great moment for the Boodaville team to learn more about the importance of trees and how to plant them ! 

They also learned how to use soil water retention techniques by making circles around the trees. They planted the trees in two different places: the food forest and at the edge of the vineyard in the bottom of the valley (project LifeTerra 85), which will allow them to observe which places are the most favourable for their growth, depending on the protection against wind and sun.

Following this activity, they tagged each tree using Life Terra's digital tagging tool to record each species planted via a photo. We are looking forward to see in the coming months how these trees grow!

All were delighted with this weekend which took place in a friendly atmosphere and with the sharing of knowledge between volunteers, all under the sun of the Rovira Valley!