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4 days Recap: planting with Boodaville

Over the course of four days, our tree planting event focused on planting just over 1,000 trees in the neighboring farm, advancing the Rovira Regenerativa project.

Day 1: Valley Planting Strategy
During the initial day of our four-day tree planting event, our focus was on the bottom of the valley. Collaborating with Jack and Jacqueline, we developed a simple yet effective pattern. For every three trees, we dug a bowl where we planted fruit trees such as apples, plums, figs, and mulberries, along with some support species.

Day 2: Valley Planting Continues
Building on the groundwork laid on the first day, we continued planting along the bottom of the valley. The approach of creating bowls for every three trees proved to be efficient in establishing a diverse array of fruit trees and support species.

Day 3: Almond Grove Planning
Moving to the almond grove, Sam Miller joined us to craft a planting plan. The objective for the day was to plant individual trees strategically around the edges of the terrace, optimizing the layout for future growth.

Day 4: Almond Terrace Rectangles
Continuing our efforts in the almond grove, we implemented the planting plan developed by Sam Miller. This involved designing rectangles on the almond terrace, where we planted nitrogen-fixing species alongside almonds. The focus remained on a thoughtful and practical approach to tree placement.

Throughout these four days, the use of the Life Terra app allowed us to capture images of each planted tree, marking a significant step forward in monitoring the evolution of our Rovira Regenerativa project.