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Caterpillar supports community tree planting projects in the Netherlands

Thanks to the generous support of Caterpillar, Life Terra was able to host several planting events with schools and volunteers in Den Bosch. In total 3 planting events were held with volunteers, ranging from age 4 to 83, on the Vliertwijksestraat in Rosmalen. In this plot we planted trees to transform a grassy meadow into a biodiverse forest.

However, not all the trees that Caterpillar donated could be planted here and were therefore planted to complete 2 other locations. One of these was at ‘t Kwekkeltje in Den Bosch where trees were planted in a residential park to support the greening of the urban environment. These trees were planted with 155 students from an international school in Amsterdam. The students learned a lot about trees, biodiversity and soil critters during the day.

Finally, some of the trees were planted with alumni from The Avans University in Den Bosch at the Ertveldpolder. The trees here support the formation of a new river- and stream-guiding forest.

Thank you again Caterpillar team for your financial support and also to One Tree Planted for your support in organising!