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CERTH's Green Initiatives Recap

Embarking on a series of eco-adventures, Certh and passionate communities came together to plant hope and greenery. Despite rain and challenges, we've sown seeds of change in Agios Sarantis, restored Sklira Land with 15,000 trees, ignited enthusiasm in Menemeni's young minds, and united Toixio in planting 160 trees. These events mark our collective commitment to a greener, more resilient future.

  1. Agios Sarantis Urban Forest Planting: Despite the rain, our team, in collaboration with the Hellenic Rescue Team, planted oak trees in Agios Sarantis. The community not only braved the weather but also expressed their joy in participating. Future events are already eagerly anticipated!

  2. Sklira Land Restoration with P.P.C. S.A: 15,000 trees found a new home in "Sklira Land" as part of our professional planting efforts. Aligning with Greek environmental laws, this initiative focuses on ecological restoration post-lignite mining. Site selection, species choice, meticulous planting, and post-planting monitoring were key steps in our success.

3. Menemeni Elementary School Planting: 30 students from Menemeni's 6th Elementary School, with support from the local Municipality, turned an abandoned area into a green haven. Introduced to climate crisis concepts, their enthusiasm during planting was infectious. The students are already looking forward to their next green adventure!

4. Toixio Elementary School Village Planting: The Elementary School of Toixio, joined by parents and the local community's President, planted 160 trees in a village field. Together with the CERTH team, they learned the vital role trees play in mitigating the climate crisis. Trees are indeed our allies, and these students are leading the way!