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Closing Adyen planting season

As another planting season draws to a close, Adyen teams across Europe have been hard at work with Life Terra in our reforestation efforts!

Between February and March 2024, successful events took place in Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, and the UK. In April, we had the pleasure of welcoming a group of motivated employees from Adyen's Munich and Berlin offices to the woods near Berlin.

It was fantastic to see familiar faces from last year's Adyen & Life Terra Berlin event! Last week, our volunteers dedicated their time to restoring degraded forest land. The remaining tree stands in this area are sparse, making them more susceptible to storms and heat stress, as evidenced by the visible damage to the trees.

Together, we planted over 600 trees , selecting a climate-resilient mix to create a biodiverse forest with a healthy tree density. Adyen Berlin demonstrated exceptional teamwork in digging holes and planting a variety of saplings efficiently and with care.