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Collaboration with Fundación Montescola

We are happy to start the collaboration with our partner Fundación Monstescola. On 27th December 40 volunteers gathered for a day of clearing and planting in the forest. Work was carried out on two plots that had suffered fires in 2006, leading to an invasion of eucalyptus.

This activity is part of the huge efforts that the Fundación Montescola has been making for the last 15 years to restore the communal forest of the village of Froxán, working on bringing back the native mixed forest. Luckily, the rain gave way for this lovely sunny winter's planting day. Some of the volunteers were involved in clearing the land and removing some of the remaining eucalyptus trees, while others planted native species such as chestnut, walnut, hazel, cherry and oak trees.

At the end of the activity, a great meal was shared between all of the participants. We thank Fundación Montescola for its great efforts to restore the local ecosystem.