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Community involvement in Valencia to plant trees!

After having carried out two plantings with Life Terra in the beautiful region of Ròtova (Valencia), volunteers from Centre Excursionista de Ròtova have independently organised three more planting events, involving students, the city council, and the local community.
This small association owns the land – which is a Micro Flora Natural Reserve - and has been working tireless to protect and bring nature back after a big fire devastated 1,500 ha of forest in 2011.

Planting trees in this area is challenging and requires technical knowledge and perseverance. As a start, to get to the planting area, they need to hike uphill for 30 minutes! But they came up with very creative solutions to bring trees and tools up to the planting area.

We are very proud to see how communities are ready to take climate action and self-organise themselves to protect and improve their environment. This is a fantastic example of “Terra Leaders”, motivated individuals and organisations ready to take on challenge and lead the change towards nature restoration.

Keep up the good work!