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Community planting day with the Green Rebel

On October 22nd, The Green Rebel hosted a community planting day at their regenerative agroforestry farm in Miravet, Catalunya. With 30 friends and neighbours over 2,000 trees have been planted in just 1 morning, and 2,500 in 24 hours.

Over 14 different species of trees and bushes are planted in Syntropic Farming principles, with high density and diversity to regenerate the soil and ecosystem. Later Fruit trees will be planted in between these trees & bushes to grow fruit for the local community, who will be welcomed to harvest themselves while learning more about agroecology and regenerative agroforestry.

Carlo, the founder of The Green Rebel, started the day with a farm tour, where the volunteers were shown the 1,000 trees planted exactly 1 year ago. Even though we experienced one of the most extreme years, the young trees and bushes looked good with a survival rate of >80%. After planting, Rebel Kitchen provided plant-based sushi & chilli to energize after all the hard work.

This was not just an incredible impact on the local ecosystem, but it was an opportunity for the local community to come together while doing something meaningful, spend time outside with their hands in the soil and enjoy good food together.