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Company planting with Typeform in El Bruc

Typeform is a frontrunner in sustainability efforts. It not only hosts a lot of surveys on Sustainability and CSR for its clients but has as motto “Sustainability is how we thrive, promoting collaboration and teams with multi-disciplinary skill sets”. Typeform also supports foundations active in climate action such as the Life Terra foundation.

In the run-up to the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, the Typeform Barcelona team is joining one of Life Terra tree planting events close to Barcelona and put #climateactionnow in practice!

The event took place in the Municipality of El Bruc where in 2015 a large area (bigger than 1,500 football pitches!) burned down. The fire lasted for several days and due to the intense winds a lot of land and even farmhouses were destroyed.

Now 6 years later, the area is only very slowly recovering by itself, a lot of topsoil washed away and the intense summers (often with 3 or 4 months without rain) make it hard for plants to grow. As a consequence, we now see mostly weeds/grasses, herbs (wild thyme, rosemary, etc.), a lot of small shrubs, some bushes and even a few trees (typically Aleppo pine that acts as a pioneer plants).

We had a great day in the field, and the team planted over 200 trees! The species that were planted were: - Quercus ilex (Holm oak), Quercus faginea (Portuguese oak), Juniperus thuriphera (Spanish juniper), Ceratonia siliqua (Carob tree), Olea europea var. sylvestris (Wild olive) and Prunus avium var. sylvestris (Wild cherry).