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Demoweek in Netherlands 2023

In the Demoweek we offer to companies our engaging team-building events for a reduced price. It is an opportunity for your company to participate in a tree-planting experience while networking outdoors with your colleagues, enjoying a day in the field while creating a legacy that matters.

On Klarenbeek estate Hanwag plants for their new shoeline

Hanwag has produced a line of shoes whereby one tree is planted with Life Terra for every pair that is sold. On the 19th of November we planted the trees that have come out of this action so far: 750 in total! Hanwag invited customers who had bought these shoes to come and plant the trees on the Klarenbeek Estate in Voorst.

The Klarenbeek estate is an estate that has been in private ownership of a family for 8 generations. There used to be a lot of production forest, but they are now creating more and more forests that are reserved for nature. Hanwag helped transform an old paddock into a new forest with species such as chestnut, pine, and tuliptrees.

With real involvement of citizens and a fantastic goal from Hanwag, this was a great day in the field and a perfect way to kick off the planting season for the Life Terra team in the Netherlands.

Heimstaden 'Tree for a Key' continues in Demoweek Klarenbeek

Last year we kicked off our collaboration with Heimstaden with a "Tree for a Key" planting. This year, we continued this with a second planting in our Demoweek on Klarenbeek Estate. Heimstaden came out with employees to plant 500 trees in Klarenbeek.

The Klarenbeek estate has been family owned for 8 generations. They used to have a lot of forest for wood production, but are now transitioning to more nature based forests that are not focussed on production. We planted in an old paddock where a new forest is being created with different species such as chestnut, pine and tulip trees. This will become a climate resistant and future proof forest in the years to come!

Terra Leader training

On Wednesday 22nd of November Life Terra organized a Terra Leader training in the Netherlands. We train Terra Leaders to help us during events and support us with the management of an eventday. During this training we trained 3 people to become new Terra Leaders.

We started with some theory about Life Terra, the importance of trees and where to plant them, and finally how to plant a tree. We followed this with some nice practical practice by planting a bunch of trees.
Now Life Terra is 3 Terra Leaders richer and we are happy with their support in the field!

Politie Nederland reintegrates employees by planting trees

This was the first time Politie Nederland came out with Life Terra to plant trees. And they immediatly decided to go for an entire day! We welcomed them at the Klarenbeek estate on our second day of the demoweek. In the morning as a empowering, teambuidling activity for employees that are reintegrating back into the workplace, and in the afternoon as a teambuidling activity of employees in general. In the entire day they planted 1050 trees, an achievement to be proud of!

The Klarenbeek estate has been private property that is family owned for 8 generations. They used to have a lot of production forest. However, they are now transitioning to more biodiverse and nature based forests. With the Politie Nederland we planted in a plot that had to be cleared due to the Barkbeatle. Now we are planting back a biodiverse forest that is climate resistant and is thereby more resistant towards pests such as the barkbeatle in the future.

Last planting day with Arbounie

To recap! We offered companies engaging team-building events at a reduced price. It was an opportunity for companies to participate in a tree-planting experience while networking outdoors with their colleagues, enjoying a day in the field while creating a legacy that mattered.

On the last day, Arbounie closed the Demo Week event by planting a high variety of trees. The landowner, together with us, designed the layers of protection for the plot, carefully selecting and planting bushes, small trees, and large trees in collaboration with the participating company.