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DHL Group joins forces with Life Terra in Berlin

Last month Life Terra hosted an engaging tree planting afternoon for 10 motivated volunteers from DHL Group in a forest close to Berlin. Based on our shared believe that planting trees is one of the best ways to combat climate change, we were able to make a joint effort towards the GoGreen goals.

We added a mix of 250 seedlings to a sparsely vegetated and ecologically fragile area. The aim was to increase biodiversity and promote climate resilience. We thank DHL Group for taking this opportunity to encourage their employees’ participation in one of our reforestation projects in Central Europe.

Beyond the positive environmental impact from millions of DHL-sponsored trees worldwide so far, this first-time planting day with Life Terra focused on making an impact also on the motivated participants by providing a hands-on experience of local climate action. With such an empowered team, the next planting season calls for new planting events together!