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Earth Day planting in Netherlands with Hypotheekbos

Earth Day on April 22 was a special day for tree planting this year. For this inspiring occasion Life Terra joined forces with 25 relations of the special initiative the Hypotheekbos to plant together at a unique location, De Biesterhof in Millingen a/d Rijn.

"Het Hypotheekbos", a campaign set up by the Nationale Hypotheekbond, aims to plant 15,000 trees annually through donations from relations in the financial sector. In this way they contribute to a greener and healthier future. And where better to do this than at De Biesterhof, a citizen’s farm that builds on nature-inclusive agriculture and agricultural-inclusive nature. In this way, we turn the challenges of our current food system into opportunities for people and nature!
The day started with a lot of fun and a delicious organic lunch. After that we worked hard under a radiant sun. No less than 147 (large) trees and berry bushes were planted in the heavy clay soil.

Planting the trees is part of strip cultivation, which contributes to increasing biodiversity and making Dutch agriculture more sustainable.
As soon as the last tree was in the ground, it started to rain, an ideal start for the trees and the perfect timing to enjoy a well-deserved drink in the greenhouse.