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EY and Life Terra partnership kick-off

EY and Life Terra kicked off their partnership which within its Corporate Responsibility programme, EY Netherlands will plant a tree for every employee. This means over 5,000 trees!

On Monday, November 22, Limore Noah, director of Life Terra, symbolically gifted the first tree to Jeroen Davidson, the chairman of EY's Board of Directors.

The kick-off finished with yesterday’s planting event at the estate Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt in Beesd. A large part of the EY trees will be planted by the employees themselves. Therefore yesterday, 78 of them made a start with this goal by putting 2,500 saplings in the ground on the site of the estate’s former fish farm.

These saplings will be part of a much larger plantation, which will improve biodiversity in the area as well as capture CO2.

Although heavy to work with, the thick clay soil did not temper the enthusiasm of the participants. We are looking forward to the next rounds of planting with EY in the coming months!