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EY & Microsoft partner to plant 1000 trees in Tafelbergheide

EY and Microsoft have been collaborating for many years. To seal this partnership, EY invited Microsoft to a planting event on the 8th of December. As Life Terra we were happy to accommodate such a network planting of course! EY has been one of our earliest supporters and besides that are great ambassadors for Life Terra, together we already plant trees in 10 EU countries.

From the start of the event, the enthusiasm was tangible. EY and Microsoft employees planted side by side, working through the tough soil at de Tafelberheide in Blaricum. There weren't the best conditions to plant, but that didn't stop them. Once committed, the group managed to plant almost 800 trees, whilst getting to know each other better by sharing experiences and comparing worksystems. We were so happy to feel the positive energy that this group had. We would love to do it again in The Netherlands and other European countries.