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Festival International des Jardins de Chaumont-sur-Loire

Life Terra is pleased to be present at the prestigious Festival International des Jardins de Chaumont-sur-Loire. As part of the 2023 theme "resilient gardens" we have supported the innovative "Neo Chinampas, une "presque" île vertueuse" entry, where landscape architects Quintana Louise and Guillaume Collaudin have created a wonderful and ambitious project!

Thanks also to the co-sponsors TRUFFAUTHYDRALIANSLes Jardins de GallyAquatirisBahco FranceTech Loire Agencements, and Groupama. If you are visiting the Loire region the coming time, be sure to drop by this and other gardens, the festival at the Domaine de Chaumont is open till early November 2023.