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Fighting against deforestation in Spain (Alto Miera)

Recently we had the pleasure to visit and operate again in Liérganes, Spain. With the help of 8 dedicated volunteers, we gathered at the Fluviarium, eager to restore the ecosystem in Alto Miera and fight its deforestation. The event began at 9:30 AM, filled with a sense of purpose and teamwork.

After organizing into groups, they drove up the mountain with tools and plants. The tree protectors and stakes had been brought up earlier by a team using a mare, making things ready for the volunteers.

At the site, the volunteers paired up and started digging holes, placing stakes, and setting up tree protectors. The wet soil made planting easier. Throughout the day, they saw sheep and mastiffs at work, learning about silvopastoral fire prevention, which uses animals to manage undergrowth and reduce fire risks.

By around 2:00 PM, they finished the planting. The volunteers then returned to their cars to enjoy tortilla sandwiches, reflecting on their hard work and environmental impact.
The group, thanks also to our partner's help "Fundacion Naturaleza y Hombre" were able to tag 204 trees. We hope to create more and more impact and to keep reforesting this beautiful area.