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Fighting deforestation in Alto Miera, Spain

We began our day at the Fluviarium with an informative presentation on the activities of FNYH, LIFE Terra, and Volterra. After organizing ourselves into carpool groups, we headed to the planting site. In the weeks leading up to the event, our team had already transported the tree stakes and protective guards, so on the day of the event, our volunteers only needed to bring the saplings and necessary tools.

Upon arrival at the plot, we started the planting activities. With 15 dedicated participants, we successfully tagged 100 trees. The species we planted included Betula alba and Fagus sylvatica. The volunteers also had the opportunity to observe sheep and mastiffs already on-site, grazing between previously planted areas to manage the vegetation.

The day was particularly successful, thanks to the excellent soil quality and recent rainfall, which made the ground more receptive to planting. After completing the planting, we returned to our cars to enjoy a lunch of sandwiches and fruit. During this break, we also engaged in a discussion about the day's activities and the importance of our reforestation efforts. The event was a great success, highlighting both the community's dedication and the favorable conditions that supported our work.