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First EURACTIV policy event with Life Terra

Yesterday, September 7, EURACTIV, one of our communication beneficiaries, held its first policy conference together with Life Terra. This first virtual event discussed one of the most important topics covered by the EU 2030 Agenda: Forest restoration and tree-planting and its impact on climate change mitigation. 

Panellists discussed the importance of taking immediate climate actions at a European level and agreed on a planned biodiversity strategy as the key to introducing effective policies to tackle the climate crisis. 

While tree planting can be the most cost-effective and natural solution we have to mitigate climate change, all panellists agreed that trees need to be planted “at the right place and for the right purpose”; and that it can’t be the only solution to solve climate change. Participants were really involved and discussed via the chat important topics such as forest adaptation to climate change, biodiversity loss and how Europe is managing fires. 

Life Terra presented its project to the audience, as well as the web app to monitor the trees. 

The debate had the participation of Humberto Delgado Rosa, Director Natural Capital, DG Environment at the EC; Ozlem Yildirim, Confederal Adviser to the General Confederation of Labour at the EESC; Jytte Guteland MEP, Member ENVI Committee at the EP; Ville Niinisto MEP, Member ENVI and ITRE Committees at the EP; Sergiy Moroz, Policy Manager on Water and Biodiversity at the European Environmental Bureau; Hélène Koch, Policy Advisor at the Confederation of European Forest Owners; and Sven Kallen, Founder and Secretary at Life Terra. 

The online meeting was attended by 260 online participants.

You can watch it again here and you can find Life Terra’s presentation here.