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First trees in Luxembourg

Exciting news! On March 25th and 26th, 2024, Life Terra marked a significant milestone by planting the first trees in Luxembourg. Thanks to Gregory Molitor's initiative, we embarked on a sustainable project to transform his land into a biodiverse forest. Gregory's vision was clear: he wanted a forest teeming with different species to enhance biodiversity.

After a year of planning, we settled on 18 suitable tree and shrub species, including many flowering plants to support insects. With the help of volunteers like Cyrelle from the International School of Luxembourg, Axel, Gregory's right-hand man, and Franc, a refugee from Ivory Coast, who travelled a long way to join us, along with our dedicated Life Terra team, we made it happen.

Despite the rocky soil and big tree roots, we managed to plant over 600 trees in just one day! It was challenging but incredibly rewarding. We are proud to have initiated tree planting in Luxembourg and grateful for the enthusiastic participation of our diverse group of volunteers and the supportive landowner, Gregory.

Looking ahead, we hope to plant even more trees in Luxembourg next season. With luck, these trees will flourish and contribute to the creation of a beautiful new forest in the north of Luxembourg.