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French scouts plant trees thanks to lavera Naturkosmetik and ClimatePartner

Thanks to the support of lavera Naturkosmetik and ClimatePartner we were able to restore damaged nature and forestland with multi-species tree planting projects in the Chambord domain. During a long week of activities, in collaboration with the Scouts Unitaires de France and Life Terra, a total of 13 tree planting events were organised and more than 400 scouts from all over France participated.

For the species selection particular focus was made on climate resilient species, especially able to withstand long periods of drought. Also some non-native species were planted to test their capacity to adapt to the soil and climatic conditions in this part of the country.

In total 8.000 were planted on behalf of Lavera, in 6 different areas. The species planted were Black pine / Schwarzkiefer (Pinus nigra, a total of 2.494), Corsican Pine / Kalabrische Schwarzkiefer (Pinus nigra subsp. salzmannii var. Corsicana, a total of 1.793), Sessile Oak / Traubeneiche (Quercus petraea, a total of 1.003), Coast redwood / Küstenmammutbaum (Sequoia sempervirens, a total of 815), Turkey oak / Türkische Eiche (Quercus cerris, a total of 690), Holm oak/ Steineiche (Quercus ilex, a total of 490), Red oak / Amerikanische Rot-Eiche (Quercus rubra, a total of 285), Wild Service tree / Elsbeere (Sorbus torminalis, a total of 220), and the Service tree / Speierling (Sorbus domestica, a total of 210).

We want to thank our sponsors for their support in not only co-financing this project but also joining the scouts and plant together!