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Fundación Emys latest contributions

This past week in Spain, we teamed up with Fundacion EMYS for some impactful events. Here's a quick recap of the main activities:

Restoring a Cultivation Margin with FunRESIFARMS:

Together with RESIFARMS, we took on the task of restoring a cultivation margin. The goal was to prevent erosion on a vegetable farm by planting 290 tagged trees. It was a fun and productive day, and we specifically chose pollinating and root-bound species to enhance the ecosystem. The planted trees play a crucial role in providing services like biological pest control, pollination, and carbon fixation in the soil.

Productive Planting for Ecosystem Services:

The day was filled with productive planting efforts, and despite having a small team, we successfully planted all the chosen species. These plants contribute essential ecosystem services to the margin of the crop, including biological pest control, pollination, and carbon fixation. Before getting our hands dirty, we had an informative talk addressing the motivation behind the action and discussing the intersection of climate change and 21st-century agriculture.

River Water Irrigation for Plant Survival:

To ensure the survival of the newly planted flora, we irrigated the plants with water from the nearby river. This step was crucial as the pond in the area, initially designated for watering, was dry. The volunteers worked together seamlessly, and the irrigation process played a vital role in supporting the flourishing of the plants in the absence of the usual water source.