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Increasing biodiveristy in a Franciacorta vineyard

Life Terra joined hands with Adyen to plant trees at the Mosnel winery, nestled in the scenic Franciacorta region of Italy. This lush land is rich in diverse minerals and sets the stage for top-notch agriculture.At Mosnel, vineyards envelop the estate, spanning 40 hectares, all nurtured organically. Situated at 250 meters above sea level, it’s like a soft blanket draped over the main morainic amphitheatre with a 360° vision. From tree planting initiatives to fostering biodiversity, each step is a testament to their commitment.

The rapid expansion of Franciacorta production since the 1960s has led to the conversion of agricultural fields, woodlands, and vineyards, negatively impacting local biodiversity, that's why we are here to help shift towards more resilient and sustainable agricultural practices. 

With the invaluable support of Adyen, we've sprouted nearly 100 new trees within the vineyards. Our selection includes a mix of 6 species, carefully chosen to enhance and enrich the ecosystem. The planted trees will help regulate the microclimate around the vines. The biodiversity promoted attracts beneficial insects and wildlife that will help to create a more diverse ecosystem! This can even help control pests and diseases naturally, reducing the need for chemical interventions.
Let's keep planting together! Sip by sip