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Let’s adopt 1,000 trees together!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new fundraising campaign to adopt 1,000 trees from La Junquera, one of the driest areas in the southeast of Spain and at imminent risk of desertification due to climate change and unsustainable agricultural practices. 

La Junquera farm is a regenerative agriculture project in the region of Murcia, a semi-arid ecosystem severely degraded by deforestation, industrial agriculture and water exploitation. But now they are converting the 1,100-hectare organic almond and heritage grains farm into regenerative.

That is why Life Terra and La Junquera farm united forces to plant 10,000 trees and shrubs in 2021 to help accelerate the reforestation efforts of the farm's ecosystem. And as this reforestation was successful we continued to plant trees this last planting season.

These trees will help to fix the soil and slow down erosion, increase rainwater retention and boost biodiversity which at the same time contributes to increasing the presence of local fauna.

And now we need your help! By adopting trees from La Junquera, you will help finance this fantastic project and other local restoration projects.


All adopted trees will be visible on our Life Terra platform once the campaign has finished.

And if you can't contribute, help us spread the message. Join the movement!